Young Person of the Year

Are you a high school student and a leader in your community? We want to award you! We strive to encourage students to become leaders and civil servants of their communities by granting a scholarship to one student every year who has shown how they have made a difference in their school and greater community.

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Strive to Shine

National Campaign

The Strive to Shine Campaign is a national campaign The Strive created to help empower youth. Through holding positive events for youth to experience, we hope to spark the inspiration necessary for them to strive towards their dreams and truly shine!

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Classroom Grants

Are you a teacher who needs some extra cash for classroom materials or a special project? We want to help! We are providing one classroom grant to a K-12 public school teacher every month. The application process is easy and consists of an online submission.

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Youth Feature

Destinee Quinn is a courageous and determined young woman who is inspiring many to believe in their own abilities, talents, and beauty through her music and advocacy. Not only an accomplished musician, but also an admirable role model, Destinee is the perfect example of the type of youth we strive to cultivate.

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What do you strive for?

We want to know what you strive for! Whether you know it or not, your dreams and aspirations can motivate others with just a simple tweet. Let the world know who you want to become and what you plan to do to make this world a better place. Follow us on twitter, inspire and get inspired!


UPDATE: The Strive is no longer active.

Closing the Digital Divide: The Strive partners with Comcast

Our partnership with Comcast strives to close the digital divide, an essential step in improving k-12 public education. The future of education is technology. Without access to internet and a computer available at home, low-income students are at a large disadvantage, causing their academic achievement to suffer. According to the US Department of Commerce, only 52% of households with annual incomes under $30,000 have internet, versus 87% of those earning more.  Students growing up without internet at home are missing out on valuable opportunities, and their families may be unable to communicate with their children’s teachers and schools.

Internet Essentials, a new program from Comcast, is designed to expand Internet access and close the digital divide in three important ways. While in the program, Comcast customers receive:

1.  Affordable Internet at $9.95 per month. No price increases. No activation fee. No deposit.
2.  A low cost computer available for just $149, plus tax.
3.  Free Internet training.

Together, we will be helping to close the digital divide!  For more information, go to


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